Cold and Flu Relief Bath Soak

I finally finished the flu and cold relief bath soak blend. (Flu-Co Bath Soak) This too has been a long-time project that I have been working to complete for a while.  I would very much like to name it Cold and Flu Annihilator. But I can’t, even though this is exactly what this product will do for you.  This will help you with the aches and pains in muscles and joints from a cold or flu.  It will help you with maintaining a safe/normal temperature.  It will help you with being able to get some restful/restorative sleep.  It will help you with relieving head/sinus/chest congestion. You will wake in the morning feeling like you were never very sick in the first place.  This jar contains a half cup of bath salts wit  SIX powerful therapeutic essential oils blended with some soothing/calming/relaxing ground herbs.  This is enough for two full body bath soaks using 1/4 cup for each bath. You have no more excuses to be sick! It is available in the clinic now for $30.00 .

I would like to add a personal comment here.  This Flu-co Relief Bath Soak blend was designed for all those clients of mine that will not come get a raindrop technique treatment when they get sick.  (They insist on being sick for 3, 4, 6 weeks.  Whereas the raindrop technique treatment will have them completely well by the next day after receiving  the raindrop.)  This bath soak blend will have you well inside of 2 days!

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