Foot Massages

A Foot Soak, Sugar Glow & Leg Massage is a one hour spa treatment for $55.00 (see Aaaaah! Arbonne for exception to this cost.) A hot herbal tea is served to begin your relaxation while your feet are being pampered in a warm, therapeutic bath designed to leave them (and you!) feeling rejuvenated. A warm, soothing sugar scrub is then massaged to exfoliate, stimulate and soften the skin from your feet up to your knees.

NOTE:  Do not exfoliate or shave the lower legs two days before receiving this treatment.

Choose from these 6 therapeutic sugar glow options to totally pamper your feet:

Peppermint Milk: ~ A tingly stimulation that cools, sooths and refreshes.

Lavender Rose:~ When the need is “afoot” for gentle relief that calms, sooths and nourishes.

Chamomile Soother:~ A multi-task treatment for relieving pain, eliminating toxins, revitalizing and as a bonus softens the skin.

Ped-zing!:~ Just the thing for tired, swollen feet. This is cooling, stimulating citrus and herb combination draws out toxins and increases lymph flow.

Healthy Again:~ Kill all those nasty microbes living on your feet. This treatment is an effective, but gentle anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal solution. Note: it is recommended to bring a clean pair of socks to redress your feet so as to not re-infect.

Aaaaah! Arbonne: Treat your rough, cracked soles to a soothing soak in Arbonne’s NutriMin C RE9 REfresh Foaming Body Wash. A perfect beginning to having your feet looking and feeling fine with the Nanosphere Technology to deliver beneficial ingredients to clean skin and leave it softer and younger looking. This foot soak is followed by Arbonne’s Ginger citrus Sugar scrub then with Arbonne’s NutriMin C RE9 Anti-Aging Body Care System. (A two step process that contains powerful botanicals that help protect the skin against damaging free radicals and an antioxidant vitamin rich hydrating lotion that leaves the skin feeling supple and healthy.) You get to keep the NutriMen C RE9 Anti-Aging Skin Body Care System set for continued home care! Note: This treatment is $157.00

Arbonne Pampermint: While supplies last, enjoy an exfoliant treatment for the feet designed for total pampering of the feet with Pampermint foot work foot scrub from Arbonne followed by an equally pampering treatment of  Arbonne’s Pampermint soul mate foot cream for a luxurious finish to the most fabulous foot massage you have ever had!  $95.00

Foot Massage Add-ons to any Massage

Hot Stone Experience for $20.00 Hot stones are in the foot bath for your feet to rest upon or slide your feet upon. After the sugar glow, more hot stones are used to massage the feet and calves to deeper tissue for a more gratifying release of tight, sore muscles. Your feet will learn a whole new meaning of happiness”!

Zonal Reflexology Massage for $35.00 The feet receive the most attention with reflexology because of their lush supply of nerve endings. This treatment follows the sugar glow and is a deep relaxation to decrease stress, balance the body’s energy and increase circulation to the feet.

Note:  it is not recommended to receive this treatment if the following conditions are present, pitted edema, broken bones, fractures, ligament damage, infections, ingrown toenails, painful corns, gout, warts or athlete’s foot.

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