Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Massage
This is a full body deep tissue healing for $180.00* . It is a two hour long choreographed massage designed to treat deep tissue “issues” and promote healing in muscles that are injured, over-worked, and stressed. (Note: this is an excellent therapy for maintaining healthy muscle support for athletes and people who have physically demanding jobs) This unique bodywork technique is changing the way therapists and the industry looks at massage with hot and cold stones.

Hot basalt stones are water heated to the client’s level of tolerance and used in combination with Prossage Heat massage oil. The stones are massaged over one area of the body at a time to stimulate the healing process.

Immediately following the hot basalt stones are cold marble stones (previously frozen and kept on ice during the massage session) over the same area to promote vascular stimulation.

This method of stone massage creates a short window of tissue repair–for those aches and pains–for maximum well-being while bringing the muscle tissue and body temperature back into balance. Hot/Cold stone massage encourages the body to work to heal itself. Mind, body, and spirit can sustain a healthy homeostasis!

*prices are listed as Time of Service cash discounted.

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