Hot Stone Deep Tissue Healing Massage

Hot Stone Massage
This is the ultimate experience of total relaxation for $110.00*. This is an hour long full body massage similar to LaStone Therapy (with the use of essential oil House Blend optional).

The client must be able to tolerate a higher level of heat directed at specific points and portions of the body.

This massage is choreographed to perfectly time the full body massage so the client receives the personal attention and full benefits of the therapeutic heat.

This relaxation session begins with a hot herbal tea to drink that kick-starts the internal warming process. Basalt stones are heated to no more than 120 degrees–this temperature is entirely adjustable to the client tolerance–and used directly on the client’s skin. These heated stones become an extension of the massage therapist’s hands, enabling a deep tissue massage with none of the deep tissue discomfort to the muscles.

Stones for sacrum, belly, spine, hand, heart, face, upper trapezius, occiput, and toes are also placed on the client’s body throughout the course of the massage. Basalt scapula stones may also be applied and utilized to release tension and adhesions in the shoulder area.

There is a half hour mandatory “cooling” period following this massage where the client is allowed to sit quietly and sip chilled mineral water to assist the body in bringing the core temperature back to a normal range.
Warning!: Anticipate never wanting “just” a Swedish Relaxation massage ever again!

*prices are listed as Time of Service discounted if paid in cash.

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