Injury Rehabilitation Massage

A massage for facilitating the rehabilitation of an injury from a motor vehicle accident or on-the-job injury (workers compensation) This massage is a  session using corrective techniques. The initial session may take up to 150 minutes.  Subsequent sessions may be up to 120 minutes.  These sessions are billed to your automobile insurance carrier for MVA or to your place of employment’s workers compensation carrier for an injury sustained on the job.  For a full description of an example of billing policies and an explanation of the differences in service levels between medical massage and self-referred bodywork, please click here.

This therapeutic rehab. massage requires precise  communications between therapist and client and is administered with the intention of improving muscle function, restoring joint mobility, reducing pain, and encouraging a quick recovery.

An Injury Rehabilitation Massage is most likely to include multiple modalities.  Which ones being utilized at the time of your appointment, will depend upon the severity of your injuries and in what condition you present with your complaints.

The manual therapies currently available at White Dragon Therapies include: Hot Stone Deep Tissue Healing, Muscle Stripping, Myofascial Release, Postural Alignment, Pelvic Stabilization, Positional Release, Active and Passive Isolated Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, Aromatherapy massages.

Prior to coming to see me for your injury rehabilitation massage for an automobile crash or an on-the-job injury, you will need to have a prescription referral completed by your chiropractic doctor or your medical physician.  Click here to obtain a copy of this document that you can print and take to your referring doctor/physician.


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