Your Auto Insurance May Pay For Massage Therapy To Treat Your Injuries

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident?

Losing time and wages at your job?

Need help to rehabilitate your injuries?

Don’t have medical insurance?

Fortunately, many auto insurance policies will cover massage therapy which can be more effective and safer than other treatments or drugs.

Being injured an auto accident can be stressful. Many times the doctor will send you home with pain killers and/or muscle relaxants.  This is not enough to ensure your injuries will mend properly or quickly.

Receiving massage therapy as soon as possible after a car accident has proven to be beneficial in speeding up the recovery time, reducing time and wages lost from not being at work, and helping to eliminate the pain and misery from the sustained injuries.

Call me (541-863-9523) or send me an email (  I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in MVA injuries and can help you get well.

Bring your massage therapy referral with you to your first session with your motor vehicle insurance information:

*the name of the insurance carrier

*the phone number of the insurance office

*the policy number

*the claim number

I will take care of all other required paperwork for billing purposes to your auto insurance company.

No worries for you, I want you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

How easy is that?

Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

Beau Miakinkoff, LMT – White Dragon Therapies

850 Cook Street

Myrtle Creek, OR  97457


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