Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage
with the optional use of White Dragon Massage Oil. (This is my special house massage oil. It is an antioxidant, skin nourishing base oil blended with a secret combination of essential oils for an exotic aroma that also reaches deep into sore and tired muscles for a greater relaxation effect) This massage is a one hour full body relaxation massage for $55.00* . ($30.00 for half an hour*)

*Clients may Choose from a variety of base oils custom blended with essential oils or from a selection of base oils custom blended without essential oils (unscented). Also available is Arbonne Baby Care Body Oil which is unscented (an excellent massage oil for sensitive skin).

Hot Stone Deep Tissue Focus Treatment
Hot stones allow for deep penetrating heat from black basalt river stones. They afford fast pain relief, increased blood circulation, muscle relaxation and reduced inflammation with none of the stress and discomfort from conventional Swedish massage deep tissue techniques. Muscles, tendons and ligaments that are super tight and sore from over use and/or injuries can relax with the hot stone’s soothing heat. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are granted a window of pain-free healing afterwards! Hot Stone Deep Tissue Focus Treatments are inclusive with your massage. This is the only modality I use to administer Deep Tissue therapy.

Therapeutic Focus
Swedish along with other manual body work techinques are used for therapeutic focus treatments and pain management. Focus treatment sessions are $30.00* for the first half hour, then $15.00* for every subsequent quarter hour if needed or desired.

Most of the time, my regular massage is a combination of Swedish, Hot Stone Deep Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Focus.  It all depends on what your needs are at the time you arrive!

*prices are listed as Time of Service discounted if paid in cash.

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