Essential Oil Use In The Workplace

This posting is being shared from a Diane Mora Young Living Distributor email. I found it to be very informative and thought you might enjoy learning about it too.  My only concern is that some work place environments are real sticklers for keeping “aromas” to a minimum.  (Personally, When I worked in an office I would rather be enjoying the aromas of  essential oils and taking in all the benefits that they offer than smelling the perfumes and colons on the people I worked with.)

You may be surprised about the “at work” benefits of essential oils.  Our pure, therapeutic Young Living essential oils have been proven to be extremely helpful in a variety of situations – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – with most every human condition in most every locale.  We usually think of using essential oils in our homes, but I think you’ll be delighted at the number of ways you can benefit from using essential oils in your office!  Here are a few —

1. Mental Accuracy
Would fewer errors be of benefit for you?  In a computer test at the University of Cincinnati, students who inhaled peppermint essential oil had 28% better test scores than the control group who were not given the oil.  You can inhale directly from the bottle, but diffusing is also effective.  Diffusing lemon essential oil can result in as much as 54 percent fewer errors, according to recent research. With jasmine, people have reduced errors as much as 33 percent.  Many others, such as Young Living’s Brain Power, rosemary, sage, cedarwood and Clarity, can also be very beneficial, either diffused, applied topically, or even placed on or under the tongue!
2. Headache Relief
Headaches can be a nuisance, but when they happen at work, productivity can suffer. Researchers have found that certain essential oils can block headache discomfort. Many people either inhale oils or place them on the back of the neck – the brainstem – or on the temples.  Always be careful to not get oils in or near your eyes.  Some suggested oils are peppermint, M-Grain, Deep Relief Roll-On, lavender, clove, Relieve It, and more.  Gary Young has said that half the oils we carry will relieve a headache – it’s just getting to the reason for the discomfort.  If it’s stomach-related, Di-Gize may do the trick.  If you’re stressed, lavender, Peace and Calming or Stress Away may help.
3. Weight Loss While Sitting at Your Desk
Science has shown that peppermint essential oil can help curb appetite.  You can put one or two drops of YL’s peppermint oil in a glass of water at your desk and then drink that during the day.  Always remember to use glass and not Styrofoam, because therapeutic grade essential oils can eat through the Styrofoam.  Our Slique essential oil in water is another good choice.  There is much information written on this relatively new oil blend, and it’s designed for weight loss!
4. Better Relationships
Whether it is your mood, your client’s mood, or your co-workers’ moods, essential oils can help create more harmony in the office.  Depending on the oil, you can inhale it, diffuse it, or put a couple of drops on a tissue or cotton ball and leave it on your desk.  Some good oils could be Idaho balsam fir, Abundance, Believe, Harmony, Sacred Mountain, Australian Blue, Joy, White Angelica, Citrus Fresh – or whatever oil you particularly like.  The list goes on and on (smile).

5.  Creativity
If your job or your company can benefit from your creative ideas, you may be interested in what therapeutic grade essential oils can do to facilitate this process.  It’s exciting to perk up the brain with oils such as Inspiration, Highest Potential, Awaken, Brain Power, peppermint, Live with Passion, Into the Future, Envision and many more. You can inhale these directly from the bottle, apply on the brainstem or diffuse.  Or experiment with others.  Whatever you’re drawn to might just work for you.
6.  Staying Healthy
At any time during the year, co-workers can bring germs, flu and illness into the office.  To keep sickness at a minimum, diffusing Thieves would be ideal.  However, not everyone is always in agreement with using oils if they’re not familiar with them.  In that case, just keep Thieves spray, Thieves lozenges and a bottle of Inner Defense capsules handy.  When someone is coughing or sneezing, just treat yourself — spray your throat, take a couple of Inner Defense capsules with water and place a Thieves lozenge in your mouth.  This will go a LONG WAY toward keeping you healthy.
Bonus Tip
Would you like to know which Young Living essential oil has been shown to  —
(a) boost the immune system,
(b) increase energy,
(c) help with relaxation, and
(d) aid in brain function?
Studies have shown that our LEMON essential oil can do all this and more!!
The possibilities are endless.  As Gary Young has often told us, if you don’t have the oil you want, use the oil you have and your intention will go a long way toward achieving the result you’re looking for.  Experiment, enjoy, and remember – you’ll probably WANT the side effects you get from Young Living’s essential oils!!
Many hugs,
Diane Mora
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information provided here is for educational purposes only.  It is not for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any condition, illness or disease.  If you have a health challenge, see the health care professional of your choice.

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