Essential Oil First Aid Kit for Emergencies

By Beau Miakinkoff, LMT, LMP, CA, IAC

I have noticed lately, there are quite a few recommendations circulating around for including essential oils into a first aid kit.  (Personally, I would like to take every one of my bottles of essential oils with me – just in such a case of an emergency, but that is not practical.) I found first aid lists of oils for kids at camp, kids at school,  to keep in your automobile, have at the office, to be handy in the home, a baby-sitters’ helper, must have for travel, pet care and many more. After investigating the wide range of these suggestions, I have concluded that I need to share my list of preferred oils to keep on hand for use in an emergency situation.


A little bit of an explanation is in order here to preface my essential oil first aid kit recommendations.  This list names 16 oils that will fill the Young Living 16 unit oil carrier that in turn will fit very nicely into any duffle, case, backpack, etc. that is set up to specifically serve as your emergency first aid kit.  I am figuring that limiting the list to 16 will keep ts simple.  The reason I am recommending that you place your oils in the YL 16 unit oil carrier is so that the bottles will stay safe and secure.  I saw so many demonstrations of first aid kits including essential oil bottles where the bottles were being crammed into the same box as all the bandages, tape, ointments, salves, pills, scissors etc. that it just was not very organized for ease of reference or use.  Keeping a small bag of essential oils inside the bigger bag of first aid supplies is better.


Here we go.  My first 9 oils I am keeping in my essential oils emergency first aid kit are the Everyday Oils Collection.  I can not improve on this selection of oils for use in any minor to non-life threatening emergency situation.  Please see the Everyday Oil Booklet for more information about the some of the uses of lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense, Purification, Thieves, Peace and Calming, PanAway and Valor.


Now, here’s the fun part for me!  I am so happy to be sharing with you 7 more essential oils to fill up your emergency essential oil kit.  These are not chosen in any particular order,  I am only listing them here for now:  Roman Chamomile, Idaho Balsam Fir, Onycha, Rosemary Cineol, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Melaleuca Ericifolia (tea tree).  Tah-dah…..are you impressed?  *laughing* You will also need to fill a 2 oz, bottle of carrier oil.  I recommend YL V-6 blend.  This bottle of carrier oil will fit snuggly in the spine of the carry case with no problems.


For the lay person using essential oils I will set up a quick cheat sheet to reference.  You may print this out and keep it inside the essential oil case for ease of retrieving the information during the emergency.


Keeping the injured person calm:  lavender, Peace & Calming, peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Valor.


Addressing pain:  PanAway, ID Balsam Fir, Rosemary Ceneol, Helichrysum, lavender, peppermint, Copaiba.


Disinfecting:  lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense, Purification, Thieves, Melaleuca Ericifolia, Onycha


Promoting healing: lavender, Thieves, Onycha, Valor, Rosemary Ceneol, frankincense


These will pretty much keep the situation in hand until the professional first responders arrive or you can receive assistance from emergency personnel at a medical facility.


You may order your essential oils for your emergency first aid kit here at:


Beau is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  She is also certified in Integrated Aromatherapy and uses essential oils to assist her clients with health and well-being issues.

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