Joy Oil Blend ~ a collection of testimonials

re-posting by Beau Miakinkoff (from an email sent to me by another Young Living Distributor)

ADHD in a Seven-Year-Old: My seven-year-old son is very “active,” acts like a younger child, is very sensitive, and has mood swings. It got to the point where I was willing to try just about anything that would not drug up or drug down my child. My son’s therapist introduced me to Young Living’s essential oils a little over a month ago. As time went on, I started wondering if it was the therapy of the oils that was helping my son. When he got sick and did not want the oils to be applied, I had the chance to find out. After about two days of not using the oils, he started sneaking into bed with me at night (this had stopped, thanks to the oil blend of Peace and Calming). After four days of not using the oils, the mood swings, activeness, and sensitivity returned. I have learned the hard way that he needs the oils, and I will make sure that he uses them from now on!

Here’s the protocol we use. All oils except one are applied once a day. I apply this other one twice a day. The oils are applied in the order listed below:
• Valor on wrist (he does)
• Joy on heart (he does)
• Lavender inhaled (put 1 drop in his hand, he rubs hands together, then inhales deeply)
• Frankincense on front of neck, temples, back of neck, crown of head (I apply) and inhaled
• Cedarwood (a) inhaled twice a day (b) in morning only, I apply on temples and crown of head
• Peace & Calming (a) one drop on each foot and massaged in (b) one drop from my hands onto his shoulders and then inhaled.

Adrenal Fatigue: Young Living Diamond, Cherie Ross, says that the Joy oil blend is supposed to be very good for the adrenals.

Anger Issues and Rubbing Joy on the Liver: Somewhere I read that anger issues can be helped by putting the Joy blend on the liver. I already knew that anger and hate are stored in the liver, so this made sense. One day I was so angry about a bunch of stuff that kept on building up. I mean I was REALLY getting angry. I remembered the Joy oil and rubbed it on my liver. In a matter of 10-15 seconds, I felt much, much better. The change was so fast and dramatic, it was shocking! I’ve always loved the Joy blend, and have been rubbing Joy on my heart and wearing it as cologne for years. Never experienced relief like I did when I rubbed it on my liver. WOW!

Asthma: The Joy oil blend helped my asthma very nicely. It lifted the heaviness from my chest, and this allowed me to breathe much more easily. To keep my bronchial tubes open, I drank lemon water. However, when visiting family with four cats, the lemon water didn’t take care of the heaviness. I suggest that, especially during an asthma attack, drinking hot water with lemon juice. Fresh is best, but the juice will work nicely too. And now, I also encourage the use of Joy for asthma.

Body, Mind and Spirit: I love all the oils in the Essential 7 Kit, yet I must say my favorite is the Joy blend. From the first time I used that oil, I felt an overwhelming opening in my heart. I felt more self-acceptance, an inner peace and a sense of deep comfort. I didn’t even know my heart was closed until I experienced it’s opening. — Carol, as shared by Mary Lou Smith in a May 9, 2007 Essentially Ours Group post.

Breast Milk Production Increased: My daughter, Heather, was having trouble producing enough milk, so she massaged the Joy blend into her breasts. Within a couple of days, her milk production doubled! — Kathy Sheets ( in a September 8, 2008 Essentially Ours Group post edited by Kathryn Caywood, LLC

Burns: Both my husband and I burned our fingers this week. One was on a hot oven rack and the other was on a heater coil. Our skin turned white immediately and raised up. We have just moved and part of our essential oils were still packed. I couldn’t find the lavender, so thinking that Joy had lavender in it, I grabbed the bottle of Joy. We both liberally applied Joy, and the next day, one could not tell there had been any burns! — Melodee Thayer

Collection Calls and Telemarketing: I used to make collection calls to insurance companies. When making those types of calls, I found that the Joy blend was really helpful in keeping my spirits up. — Meldoee Thayer

Crankiness and Grouchiness: I am babysitting my sister’s three-year-old for four days. When Julia wakes each morning, she is a grouch! She usually whines and fusses for at least 30 minutes. My sister has not been able to distract her or change this behavior in any way. The first morning, I had my Joy oil out waiting for “sleepy-head.” She whined all the way from her room to her mother’s lap. One drop of Joy over her heart and she was playing with the other kids in less than two minutes!! Now that I’m alone with her, we repeat the same thing every morning, and it is amazing! When she woke up in the middle of the night missing her mother, she started to fuss. I had the oil beside the bed and put one drop over her heart. She was asleep again in about 30 seconds. Now I’m wondering if this would work for those kids I hear on the planes. Jacke Myers

Cranky and Grumpy: One time Cooper, my five year old, was very grumpy, so I asked him, “Where is your Joy?” His response? “I don’t know. You said we were out of it and it’s in our next order, remember?” It’s amazing how children pick up on the names and smells of the oils. — Kathleen Arnold

Cranky and Grouchy Upon Awakening: My girlfriend sneaks in and puts a teeny bit of Joy on her two daughters’ feet before they wake up. School mornings are now a breeze because instead of waking up grouchy and cranky, they wake up happy and sweet. — Leslie

Death of a Loved One: I have mitral valve prolapse and after the death of my loved one, was so traumatized that my heart started freaking out. I felt as if I had a one-ton brick on my chest and I could hardly breathe. As soon as I got home, I grabbed my voodoo trunk of oils and my hand went right to the White Angelica. I slathered it all over my chest and instantly felt my breathing ease up and the palpitations stopped. Then I looked up trauma and grief in my books. Out of all the oils listed, the only one I felt compelled to use was Joy. Those two oils helped me get through the viewing and funeral, which I was sure I would never be able to do. — Jackie McLaughlin

Death of Mother – Difficulty Dealing With: After my mom passed away three years ago, I had a hard time accepting that she was gone and that I wouldn’t be able to see her or talk to her anymore. I was crying a lot and became quite depressed. Finally I remembered to use my oils, but I noticed that Joy especially made me feel so much better and more relaxed. Somehow it took away some of the hurt and sadness. Needless to say, Joy is one of my favorite oils. Janet McLaughlin

Depression: Joy oil is one of the products that is key to the depression relief protocol that I’ve had great success with. I recommend that people smell Joy throughout the day. The other components include Super B (1 a day), Super Cal (6 a day) Prenolone+ Cream (men, ½ tsp per day), Progessence Cream (women, ¼ – ½ tsp daily) and Omega Blue (6 a day). Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff

Depression: For depression, here’s the protocol shared by Young Living Diamond Vicki Opfer.
• Valor on the wrists.
• Harmony on the solar plexus
• Joy on the heart
• White Angelica on the crown and shoulders Do this daily and the depression usually lifts in a few days. However, it is important to continue this protocol or the depression might return. — Charla Sirtoff

Depression – Essential Oil Remedies by a Holistic Psychotherapist: As a holistic psychotherapist, my understanding of depression is that it is anger turned towards oneself when there is no safe outlet for it. And underneath all anger is fear – a fear of loss, any loss. If one of my clients were experiencing depression, here is the combination that I would suggest.

• Valor and Release – alternate (each twice a day), applying both on the solar plexus area of the body and on the solar plexus VitaFlex points on the hands and feet.
• Joy – use as a pick-me-up, inhaled and diffused. Kiki. Shared by Jackie M.

Depression and Getting Off Antidepressants: I was on an antidepressant for almost six years. With a combination of NingXia Red and the Joy oil blend, I have now been off of antidepressants for about six months. It took a long time for me to come off of them slowly, but now I feel great! — Kendra

Depression Due to Death or Divorce – Why Joy Works: For depression, Joy has been a tremendous help for my friends and me. People who have suffered the trauma of a death or divorce also find it very comforting. When inhaled, it goes to the brain and sends a message to the ligans on the transcriptase in the DNA. It literally reprograms the brain to send a message down to the body to feel good. Simply, it turns grief into joy! –April

Depression in a Nursing Home: For over two years, I have used Young Living’s essential oils in the nursing home where I am the activity director. We have had great results in many cases. Here’s some examples.

• I use them in my groups
• the nurses defuse them in the evenings to help the residents rest better,

• we use lemon oil in a roaster with wash cloths in it to clean hands before/after meals. This cuts down on cross contamination a lot.
• We have it on the care plans for several residents. One has chronic depression and we have Joy on her care plan for 6:30 in the morning to help her be able to get up and go to breakfast
• I use them a lot. I use peppermint, Joy, Peace & Calming, Clarity, and lavender daily. Grace as shared by James Niederland

Fungus on Toe Nail: When a friend in my organization was suffering from depression and wanted to be happier, she began applying Joy to the underside of her big toe. She did this daily for two months. Then when we went for a pedicure, she got some surprising news. For six years, she had been using red nail polish on her toes because of a nail fungus. Suddenly, or so it seemed, the fungus was gone. I immediately pulled out the EDR and discovered that Joy contains three antifungal oils! Sandy

Hearing Restoration: Since childhood I’ve suffered from a serious hearing impairment due to what medical experts termed permanent nerve damage. I was told absolutely nothing could ever be done to restore my hearing. After ordering Young Living’s essential oils, I began applying them to my feet, inhaling them, and applying the Joy Oil blend (with high frequency rose oil of 320 HZ) to my ears, both inside and out. I applied the oils twice daily and within ten days, I began noticing sounds were louder and clearer. The dial tone on the telephone was definitely louder. I have begun to hear voices 10 to 12 feet away! — Ted Baker

Heart Condition: Ten years ago, the Joy blend helped me with my heart condition. I learned that it is a powerful took for regenerating the physical organ of the heart. Beyond that, it is good for the heart chakra on an emotional level, because its frequency literally brings about joy and a sense of well being. — Carol

Heart Palpitations: I have heart palpitations, and when my family and I moved, they got really bad. My solution? I used Joy along with Peace & Calming every day … even on the days when the palpitations were so bad I almost thought I should go to the emergency room. The oils worked! No ER visit necessary! – Amy Henderson

List of Uses – from “101 Uses for Your Essential 7 Kit”:
• Rubbing a drop of Joy oil over the heart and on the bottom of each foot may help relieve feelings of frustration or depression.
• Putting a drop of Joy on the tip of the nose may help uplift your mood.
• For a perfume, try wearing a drop of Joy behind each ear.
• After sharing, rub a drop of Joy between your palms and then spread over your face.
• For those with poor circulation, rubbing two drops of Joy on areas of the body with poor circulation may help increase blood flow.
• As a deodorant, rub two drops of Joy on the armpit may help.
• For increased libido, rubbing two drops of Joy on the heart and feet may help.

• To improve the fragrance of a potpourri, sprinkle in a few drops of Joy oil.
• For a refreshing feeling and to bring more feelings of joy to the heart, try diffusing Joy.
• For a relaxing and uplifting bath, try adding Joy to Young Living’s Bath Gel Base or to Epsom salts in the bath water.

Nervousness in Social Settings: Joy is most aptly named. It literally brings a smile to my face every time I use it. I use it in the Mood Elevating Protocol taught by Vicki Opfer and for dealing with depression. I am usually nervous going into social settings, and this is one situation where I’ve had really good luck with it. This summer, I began wearing Joy whenever I went out, including to parties I wasn’t very clear about attending. Without fail, I have been well received and have had great fun. Was it the oil? Was it my attitude? I know that Joy brings joy to my heart, so perhaps joy radiates from me. Or maybe I just smell so good that folks are nice to me. Either way, I always have joyful experiences while wearing it. — Ara Karlberg

The Rose Oil in Joy: I think I can shed some light on the Joy issue. Joy has always been made with rose oil. In the past, Gary also used rose geranium in the recipe, which made it smell much “rosier.” If you’ve never smelled real rose, you’d be surprised – it smells less rosey than one would think. Rose geranium actually smells more like the “rose” we’ve grown used to in candles, potpourri, etc. There came a time when our supplier of Rose Geranium was no longer carrying it. Young Living looked for other sources and could not find anything of a decent enough quality to use, so they took it out of the recipe. Joy still contains rose and I promise you that it will “do the job.” If someone in your family is having a rough day and seems down, let them put it on or smell it, or wear it yourself and give them a hug. I confess, I have an old bottle that I hang onto for those special days. In fact, this brings up an interesting point. Essential oils are from nature and as such are subject to change from year to year, harvest to harvest, field to field. If you ever get an oil from Young Living and just love it, please order yourself another bottle or two right away so it will probably be from the same lot and put them away. Remember that the oils found in King Tut’s tomb were still chemically viable. As long as you keep them sealed, you can always pass them down to your grandchildren. It’s also prudent to put a few bottles of Thieves and thyme away, just in case we find ourselves in the middle of a plague at some point. If you never need to use it, that will be a wonderful thing. — Vicki Opfer

Selling a Home: We had a house on the market for over six months. I had gone through kilos of Abundance and had used other essential oils in addition. Nothing. Meanwhile, we bought another home and moved into it, while our former house just stayed on the market, unsold. We were in a panic! We had spent so much money on oils so we could diffuse them in the house, but there was never a buyer. Then one day, my husband told me that he had been over to our former house and there was a frightful smell … AND that we had a showing in two hours! Could I please do something and do it quickly? I already had the Joy oil blend in my diffuser at home, so I decided to use that and hope that the Joy would disguise the smell. Our house sold within two hours and at our asking price! — Phillipa Lakin

Upset Child: When I first joined Young Living, my daughter (now 16) was only seven. When she would get upset, she would go to my Kit and take out Joy and smell it. This caused a real shift for her! — Kathaleen May


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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information provided here is for educational use only. It is not for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. If you have a health challenge, see the health care professional of your choice.

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