Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

This information and testimonial is from Z. Zazhinne is awesome! It first came to me via an email from another Young Living Distributor wishing to share the amazing life changing (healing) experience.  When people are kind enough to share their successes, I like to pass them on in the hopes that the information will help you or someone you know.  Ergo, I am passing it along to you ♥

A most powerful statement by Z in her testimonial has left a profound effect upon me:
Through will, education, choice, discipline, and grace — I have reversed much of what I was told I would have to live with.
Zeeva writes:
Although my hearing and memory loss resulted from brain injuries due to the neurotoxins I was exposed to, there are additional ways in which the brain may be injured.  It appears that more and more seizure disorders are being diagnosed these days among adults and children alike!
When I first was told I had brain injuries, the medical doctors thought that brain cells did not regenerate.  Doctors told me I would have the brain seizures for the rest of my life.

I would like to say:  be aware of the training most MD’s have. They only know how to look for what they “know” and only know how to treat with slice & dice, drug, and maintain disease.   Few MD’s, neurologists, other types of allopathic specialists admit how little they actually “know” about brain disorders.  They say “we know so much!” but that’s only in comparison to what they “used” to know–and medical science turns itself around a lot. “We used to think *this–* and NOW we know THIS!”

In fact–when I was diagnosed with acute and diffuse brain injuries–all the MD’s I saw (and there were many) told me what they “used” to think: “We’re very sorry–but the brain is the only organ where the cells do not regenerate. You will not get better and you will probably get worse.”

I chose not to believe that.  About 2-3 years into my adventure, neurologists discovered that “they” had been amazingly WRONG!  The big news in neurology that year was that “Brain cells DO regenerate!  They regenerate all the time and at faster speeds than we ever imagined!”

Good thing I did not believe them before they realized they were wrong and doggedly worked to make my brain heal and regenerate despite the “knowledge” they had when I was injured!

After the accident, my eyesight deteriorated to blindness and my hearing in one ear fizzled out like a bad antennae on a transistor radio.  After being totally deaf in one ear for more than two years, my hearing began to come back and I have had no problems since.  I attribute this to the helichrysum and the auricular treatments that were given to me.
Young Living has played a huge part in my recovery.  Frankincense is wonderful!  I diffused it for an hour at a time, three times a day. Following the Essential Oils Desk Reference, I began to apply it conservatively — a few drops at the brainstem, around the ears, etc.  After a few days of that, I poured twelve drops into my hand, rubbed all my fingers in it, and did a scalp massage, concentrating especially on the areas where I felt I needed it and where the brain scans showed most injury.  I also applied frankincense to my feet. I did this for two and a half months, in addition to using other oils topically and inhaling from the bottle for other related problems.
I have used so many oils that it is hard to say which ones work best.  I still use frankincense and Brain Power a lot.  Sandalwood, coupled with ylang ylang, is my personal fragrance.  I diffuse oils daily and the oxygenation really helps!  I used trial, error and intuition – and then I used what worked.

In my case, the seizures–and a number of other disabilities (I was blind for 5 and a half years–also told that would be “permanent”–HAH!) came about from an event that was very documentable:  I was an innocent bystander in and suffered an acute toxic exposure.  I immediately went into the best detox mode I could with limited resources.

From 1998-2000, I continued to deteriorate, with multiple and extreme symptoms. I lost a lot of brain and body functions. I was getting “stupid,” I was losing abilities–both physical and cognitive–and I was listed as “permanently disabled” and “permanently brain-damaged”.  I was having many multiple seizures daily for years.  Each MD diagnosed me with what he or she “knew” and all of them ignored how overloaded my entire system was with toxic chemicals–and tried to prescribe MORE toxic chemicals (medications.)

Because I have always been a holistic type–I did the best I could the first year. I got chelated, I bought flats of wheat grass at the local farmer’s markets, I juiced like crazy.  I had just discovered Young Living oils in 1997–and was doing the best I could with them.  I was continuing to deteriorate, and had such excruciating headaches (24/7 )neuropathies, diagnoses of CFS, FM, more… was all just guessing.

At last, I met a doctor (a scientist–DSci) who tried me on supplemental oxygen while we were working on his “something new that might work” process: a then-experimental process called neurofeedback.  He went to bat for me and contacted any MD that might assist to get me supplemental oxygen. Once I was on that 24/7, I began to have relief from some of the pain and I stopped being so foggy and confused all the time. THAT was a relief!!!  My seizure activity became less acute.

I was using Young Living oils as much as I could, and seeking information. Frankincense seemed to be the “what all those in-the-know were recommending”. At last, I got funds to order several bottle of frankincense, and began using it quite aggressively.

I diffused it three times a day, for about an hour-hour and a half each time. I “huffed” it–stood right next the diffuser and took big deep breaths. Morning and night–and sometimes just when I felt like it–I applied it to the base of my neck, around my ears, and at last began just pouring 5-6 drops into my hands, rubbing them together, and then doing a whole scalp massage.

I also used Brain Power, and a number of other oils:  Juvaflex to help clean and support my liver. My diet was a constant simple detox diet, sometimes adding super-detox foods, juices, herbs, oils.

Here’s the kicker: you know how YL says frankincense increases the oxygen in the blood (and back then, I was hearing 20%?).  After 2 and a half months of aggressive use of frankincense (and other oils), MY NEED FOR SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN WENT DOWN from 24/7 by about 25%!!  And my seizure activity also became less and less. I had actually been falling down, and after those 2-3 months of frankincense, they slowed to the spacey or absence ones.

I switched to other oils, but kept frankincense as my stand-by, and the one I always came back to after a “break.”  Brain Power, sandalwood, and the pine oils are good–anything with a high sesquiterpene level (read The Essential Oils Desk Reference!).

I kept detoxing, kept supporting my systems, kept up the neurofeedback and the body-mind work, kept using an ever-changing variety of YLEO’s. By 2002-3, no one but me could believe the wonderful progress I was making.

That year, I did a program called “the incurables” program three times! It is a systematic organ cleanse, first the colon, then the liver, then the kidneys, then the gall bladder, etc.  It involved herbs, tinctures, tea’s, juicing, light bland detox diet—all supported with Juva procucts, Purification, many other YLEO’s. It took me a couple of months to do the whole program, then I would take a few weeks of “normal”–for me, still pretty light and healthy–diet and juicing. Then I’d do it again.

By Spring 2003, I was no longer in constant debilitating pain. NO more neuropathies! I had gone from many multiple and debilitating seizures daily to just some “absense” seizures when I was very tired or burned out, or when I was getting “too much” input–you learn to avoid rock concerts and raves, a fair amount of multi-media that is meant to excite and overload the brain. I also had seizures when I was in an environment that was toxic–not hard to find or experience here in Los Angeles!

A person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or Environmental Illness
knows to “get out of here” if we are in an environment that has “bad” things in it–we get symptoms. Fogginess, the nervous system begins to glitch and tingle, sometimes seizures. It’s different for individuals–but if you learn to recognize the early warnings–you can usually get away from the “bad” area…then treat yourself with Purification oil, support your body in all the ways you know…

In Spring of 2003, I was better than anyone ever thought I’d get, but I was still blind, still needed supplemental oxygen for about 1/3 of the day, sometimes more.

I continued my holistic lifestyle, periodic “big” detox’s and regular use of YLEO’s. I knew I needed something “more” and all roads led to hyperbaric oxygen.

I went to a clinic in Mexico, for a two week “medically supported detoxification” program that included many different modalities, including hyperbaric O2 (HBOT.) I ended up in the chamber three times a day.

Since other patients were in the chamber with me, and a lot of other folks there had very extreme health conditions–I was very careful with my own use of essential oils.  We KNOW they can affect those around us! So I used them in my own room, applied them before going out for my morning or afternoon walks, applied them before going to bed at night–and before treatments, applied them to the soles of my feet, and immediately put on thick socks and sneakers–so I would not adversely send someone else into a too-strong detox reaction.

After 8 days (utilizing and rotating Sandalwood, Frankie, Rosewood, Brain Power on my feet before each session) I began to feel a “strange” feeling in the back and side of my head–like a wave or cascade. It did not hurt, it was not “bothersome”–just very unusual.  I alerted the doctors–who were really working with me and trusting my own awareness and instincts–and said “I think we’re on to something.” I doused
my head in Frankincense and Sandalwood each night–because it is when we shift into sleep mode, our metabolism goes into “HEAL” mode.  A few days later, the unbelievable “miracle” occurred: whatever area of my brain had been “permanently” damaged enough to take away my sight–supposedly “for the rest of (my) life” kicked back into operation, and all of a sudden–my sight returned! I could SEE! (And let me tell you how shocking and strange it is to look in the mirror and see yourself 5
years older!) Strangely enough–I also no longer needed to use supplemental
oxygen *at all!*

For the next year, I experienced waves and shifts in my brain functioning–it took a lot of reorganizing!  Three years later–I feel great–and in good balance! But I was (and still AM) the “miracle woman” who *was *blind and now is NOT!  Who *used *to be “brain-impaired” and now AM NOT!

Today, three years after my “miracle” I feel extremely well. I think extremely well. I am healthier and in better shape than many people younger than me (I am a vibrant 51!).  AND I HAVE HAD NO SEIZURES AT ALL IN THE LAST FEW YEARS!!!

So much for “permanent damage” and “for the rest of your life.”

And oh yes–most of the doctors who had damned me with their abysmalprognoses–I *did *go see a few–did not write me up, did not get excited, and unless they quietly began to try the things I told them worked with me on other patients–did NOTHING to claim success or share my “miracle.” They just put it down to one of those “spontaneous remissions” that “sometimes happens” and “medical science really does not understand yet.” You see–it wasn’t “their” magic that brought me back. Just something that “happens.”

Stay positive, *believe you will heal and get better*.  Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse your body with detox diet, raw foods, herbs and juices, build up your immune system, give your body what it needs, use Young Living’s essential oils and products for support.

We all face such toxic issues these day–and it is my belief that all the chemicals we have been exposed to in the last 60 years or so of the “Chemical Age” and the toxicity of the food additives, over-the-counter and prescription pills we take to address health issues are making us *unwell in many ways.*

Thank goodness the present state of economics of health care have finally pushed the “powers that be” into re-evaluating the wisdom that my late father–a European trained MD, who did not like the pharmaceutical bent American medicine was taking since the 60’s, and rarely took drugs himself–taught me from my childhood:

“The human body is a wonderful self-healing mechanism. Give it what it needs: clean water, fresh air, healthy food, enough sunshine, exercise and enough rest–and it will heal itself!”

I would add to that: Young Living’s essential oils and products!!!

I get angry when I hear that the damage is irreversible.  Through will, education, choice, discipline, and grace — I have reversed much of what I was told I would have to live with.

Choose to be well!  Believe, take action, and be WELL


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