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Besides at the bottom of my Welcome page of this website, it has occurred to me that I have a few other sites and venues where I promote my massage practice in Portland that also collect Client Reviews and would like to have them available all in one spot for other folks and potential clients to see them.

I  very much appreciate all the nice compliments and responses that everyone posts.  I’ve always said that I have  “the best clients in the world”.  It truly is all my pleasure to have the honor of taking care of each of you.

I have copied comments from the other sources so that you may read what clients have said about my work.

Face Book Comments

     “No pain today . I can’t believe it . Not even that sore . Still a little pressure but I feel like I’m ready to go cut logs again ! Thank You ! I’m spreading the word you work wonders . All my kin folk are from Missouri ,They don’t call that the show me state for nothing ! Thank You for fixing me , I will be back !” ~R.Dryer (Grants Pass) 2/6/14

GenBook Client Reviews

  • “. . . Because She is Simply the Best.  I started treatment with Beau for injuries I sustained as a result of a Motor Vehicle accident. My first time, Beau immediately put me at ease. After the injury I returned. I work a pretty stressful job and Beau is able to work all that out for me. You will not find a more skillful, knowledgeable, professional or compassionate person. She is the best because she truly loves what she does. She has a commitment to help people feel better and is excellent at doing so. ” ~Victoria T. 8/20/13
  • “Great muscle therapy. Beau is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist, emphasis on therapy. Any massage can feel good but one by Beau promotes healing for aches and pains. “~S.Z. 8/7/13
  • “A thoroughly relaxing experience…  very professional and most importantly thorough. Not just the back, but legs, arms, feet & neck. She cleared up some sinus congestion with an essential oil. Highly recommended.”  ~Hugo S. 7/31/13
  • Best Stress Relief. It feels good and smells good and you walk out all loosened up. Beau can really dig in and get out those knots and bumps.” ~Maria P. 4/24/13
  • “If you haven’t seen Beau for a massage you’re missing the best healing you will ever experience. Thanks again Beau for doing your magic.” ~ Kathy Hodges 4/16/13
  • Recovery is quick with Beau.  Beau, thanks again for your amazing talent as a massage therapist. If it wasn’t for your wonderful healing powers, my arm would still be giving me grief. I recommend your services to anyone who has suffered from an injury. Thank you for making my recovery a quick one.” ~Kathy Hodges 12/18/12
  • Need pain or stress relief? Call Beau! Beau’s the answer to your body aches and pains. She has amazing massage techniques for any aches or pains you might have from over-working your body. Or if you are just needing to relieve stresses from everyday llife, Beau’s the answer. She has an incredible passion for people and their health. You won’t find anyone better. Your body will say “Thank You!””. ~Lynne Lemke 11/29/12
  • ” Beau is extremely knowledgable about what needs to be focused on to relieve pain. Ive have Fibromyalgia & arthritis for 30 years. It’s getting worse: pain med and expensive cortisone injections don’t give relief. The hot stone treatment is so helpful & the essential oils soothing. This is no massage for the heck of it, this is the real deal. The bonus is Beau is a nice person who consistently treats me kindly & patiently. ” ~ Juli L. 10/14/12
  • “Love Beau’s deep tissue massage with focused hot stone work. I’d fall blissfully asleep but I don’t want to miss anything.” ~Barbara G. 7/20/12
  • “I have seen Beau for the past four years now. I am a dental hygienist, so back aches c0me with the job. Beau understands my needs, always makes me feel so much better at the end of appointment. She is the only one I trust doing a massage on me. She really knows her stuff. Beau is really friendly, I would recommend to make an appointment with her ASAP. Thanks Beau.”  ~C.D. 5/22/12
  • “I am a bodyworker myself, and I’m very picky about who I let work on me. Because I understand the value of regular bodywork, I go see Beau every other week. Beau has the technical skill to keep me in good working order, and the intuitive skill to know where to find the things that aren’t even bothering me yet. She’s friendly and real, and always makes me feel at ease. Make an appointment. Really.”  ~Ariana O. 5/18/12
  • “At a time when I had passed out from back pain when trying to walk due to an injury, Beau came to my rescue. Her knowledge of and passion for healing the body and relieving pain is incredible. If there’s an issue, she’ll find it and fix it (sometimes when I don’t even realize it’s there). Her ultimate goal is clear and that is to heal our stressed and overworked bodies. Beau’s compassion and love for what she does shines through in her treatments. Beau, you are the Best. Thank You!”  ~Lynne L.  5/18/12
  • “Beau has made such a difference in just one visit, I already feel so much relief. I’m so looking forward to next weeks visit and regaining the flexibility and strength in my hands and fingers as well as my upper back and arms. Massage has always been wonderful for relaxation, but a massage with Beau renews and heals your body like no other. ” ~Kathy Hodges 3/13/12
  • “Having been going to White Dragon for a few years now.. I still feel wonderful days after my massage.. My therapist Beau always talks about what may be best for my massage. She cares about your needs. And i feel wonderful after the session.. you will too”  ~Tonia Altizer 2/26/12
  • “Beau is a great massage therapist, always take care of those aches and pains and will spend extra time when needed to finish the work to make her clients feel better. I highly recommend her – you can definitely tell she loves her job and her clients!” ~Angela K. 2/24/12
  • “Speaking as another massage therapist, I must say that Beau has a top notch ability to address your musculo/skeletal issues. If that’s to techie, let me just say that she has a great ability and the knowledge to massage away your pain and strains. And she will always go the extra mile for you. Wonderful person, wonderful therapist. She is my choice when I need a good massage. “~ Claire H. 2/16/12
  • “Weekly sessions have made an incredible difference on my ability to perform my job. The aches and pains are all but gone and any injurys have sustained have healed in record time. As an automotive technician of over 25 years, this has become invaluble to me.” ~Haskell Hodges 2/5/12

YELP Reviews

“I have muscular dystrophy and have benefited tremendously from massage therapy by Beau.  She is very conscientious of my condition and has taken the time to understand it and administer the best treatment protocol.  I really notice a difference in my strength and well being after a massage.  Very highly recommended!” ~Stephen O. 10/6/2012

“I am a full time LMT. It’s hard work, and hard on my body, so I need someone who can regularly keep me in good working order. That’s Beau. Whether I am in specific pain, or I hurt all over, or I am stressed out, or just starting to feel sick – whatever I bring to Beau’s table – she always knows what to do to make it better.

Beau is down-to-earth, thoughtful, intelligent, educated, and intuitive. And an excellent LMT. Make an appointment. Really.”  ~ Ariana O. 9/18/12

“I had my doubts about massage therapy having never been at 45. I am very active with soccer,snow skiing,wakeboarding and raising my three kids I have a labor intensive job “contractor” to make a long story short I have used and abused my body over the years. I could not believe how well Bo was able to not only locate my issues by feel but correct them with massage! This has opened up my eyes to the value of a good massage therapist. I have not felt this good in years now the only problem is I am trying to do more and more knowing I have a ace in the hole with this treatment. If you are on here looking for a place to go you have found it! Get in and enjoy. The place is clean the music enjoyable all you need to have a great experience a+.”  ~Chris L. of Oregon City 3/5/12

LinkedIn Recommendations

“I very much love pure fragrances, unlike perfumes they don’t give you a headache. Beau’s aromatherapy massages are the best, they reset mind, body and emotions. I try to get her treatments as regularly as possible. ” ~Maria Plumb 5/27/13
“Beau has just recently helped me prevent surgery for carpal tunnel. I could barely hold anything in my right hand! Now I am almost back to 100% without pain. Not only an excellent massage therapist but her knowledge of essential oils has helped me through menopause and depression by relieving stress from work and life with use of oils.” ~Ramona Espinoza 5/14/10

“Beau has been my masseuse for years and has given me great advice, service and treatment. She has helped with my ongoing back pain. I enjoy my time with her both professionally and as an advisor. Her knowledge of massage, oils, and healthy living is immense.” ~Anna Karlson 5/12/10

“Being an LMT I am picky about who I have work on my body. Beau’s massage was one I enjoyed, her touch was sure, confident and very focused on my needs.” ~Phoenix Greenman 5/12/10




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