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Bodacious Creations by Robert Baune



End Table Style

Customer wanted planter boxes to sit at either end of a church bench so that the flowers would be at the same height as an end table would have been .  These are slightly higher than our regular raised 2 ft long boxes. The dimensions of the “end table planter boxes” are 2ft long, 15.5 inches wide and 21 inches high.




The Anniversary Box

In the winter of 2015, a storm came through and Beau’s patio green house collapsed from the high winds.  I did not get it replaced until late fall of the same year.  On our first anniversary, I built her a planter box for the inside of the green house.  It ended up being too wide for her useful purposes.  So, it got relocated to outside the green house.  Beau has lined it with a weed barrier and will be growing onions, beets, carrots and lettuce here. This box is exactly like the 32″ high, 6 ft long boxes except for one detail.  It is only one board deep allowing it 5.5″ of space for veggie roots.

The Patio Greenhouse

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Inside the Patio Greenhouse


 32″ tall, 6 ft long custom planter box is placed along each sides.  One 32″ tall, 4ft long custom planter box is in the center, along the back wall.  This forms a U shaped working area.  How sweet is this? These boxes are not as wide as the regular 32″ tall boxes.  They are 3 boards wide instead of 4 boards wide and are only one board deep (5.5″ deep).


Planter Boxes to house Jasmine Trees

April 2016, there was a ferocious wind storm.  A customer called the next day after it hit and asked if I could build a pair of boxes 2ft deep, 4ft long x 16″ wide to replace her tree containers that got blown over and broken.


Retaining wall style planter box

Early Spring 2016, the wife is trying to dress up the front yard.  This rather wasted area that is part of the drive way has clay based dirt.  Grass will barely grow.  Dandelions love it.  It has a severe slope and is difficult to maintain. She designed the concept and now it is home to lavender and white sage. She likes it so much, I built another one (30 ft long) for the other side of the front yard in October 2016. (pictured below) This one will be home to herb sage.


Corner Unit Planter Box

This is a 3×3 square with the front angeled.  It fits nicely into the corner space up against a fence!


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