Essential Oil Blends by Beau Miakinkoff

White Dragon Therapies essential oil blends by Beau Miakinkoff:


Blessings is a meditative  and personal fragrance blend that was finally completed Thanksgiving 2010.  I worked many years deciding, changing and perfecting this creation for prosperity, love and happiness.  Three carrier oils and six essential oils combined make up this beautiful aroma that may be used to diffuse into a room to enhance mediation or worn directly on the skin as a  personal fragrance by both genders.  ♥ 2ml bottle for$7.50 or  5ml bottle for $19.00


A “Temple” oil representing a few of the most sacred scents in the world are blended aromatically precise for enhancing your meditation experience.   This essential oil combination is blended with a touch of  Om Nag Champa Fragrance.  It has a mild sweet scent that is highly effective for encouraging total relaxation. Recommended for diffusing into a room and may be applied directly to skin as a personal fragrance for men and women.  I have been getting feed-back comments from users of this blend that it is an excellent sleep enhancer.  A drop applied to the temples and at the manubrium before bed time brings restful sleep the whole night. 15 ml bottle for $16.00



Designed for the most powerful meditation experiences using essential oils of renowned sacred aromas to connect with the True Source. (This blend is still in progress.  Stay tuned.)

Image0491Vericose/Spider Vein Healing Formula

A therapeutic essential oil blend designed address pain and discomfort as well as to strengthen and heal the blood vessels in both men and women.  This comprehensive formula is designed to eliminate the “step up” process of  every 2 – 3 weeks having to change out the essential oils in order to eliminate any skin sensitization  and to continue the healing process.  My formula may be used continually without any “switching”.   This blend is currently being offered in a 5ml bottle for $8.00



Image0492Young Guns

A therapeutic essential oil blend created for the purpose of toning and firming upper arm muscle tissue (“bat wings”)  in both men and women. This blend is currently being offered in a 5ml bottle for $9.00


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