Hot Stone and Hydrotherapy Disclosure and Release

I perform a deep tissue massage treatment that incorporates the use of hot stones.

Hot Stone Deep Tissue Focus Treatment

Hot stones allow for deep penetrating heat from basalt stones. They afford fast pain relief, increased blood circulation, muscle relaxation and reduced inflammation with none of the stress and discomfort from conventional Swedish massage deep tissue techniques. Fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments that are super tight and sore from over use and/or injuries can relax with the hot stone’s soothing heat allowing for pain-free healing afterwards! This is the modality I prefer to use to administer Deep Tissue therapy. Hot Stone Deep Tissue Focus Treatments are inclusive with your Relaxation and Therapeutic massage.

Generally this is a harmless modality that is highly enjoyable and quite effective in relieving joint and muscle stresses.  In fact, it is so effective with therapeutic massage that I use hot stones for almost all types of my regular sessions at no extra charge.

However, because there are a few contra-indictions for the use of hot stones with some pathologies and conditions, I must require a Hot Stone Consent and Release form to be signed along with all of my other standard initial office procedure forms.

WDT release form for Hot Stone and Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of a hot tub/spa for full body soaking.  This too is generally considered very therapeutic, but has some contra-indications associated with it as well.

Hydrotherapy Information and disclosure

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