Kitty Tranquilizer

By Beau Miakinkoff

I have three cats.  Strabo, Hobs and Kyan are house-kitties (not allowed outside).  All are neutered males.  All three are beyond pampered and totally spoiled rotten. Most of the time they get along just fine.  But there are days that moods, attitudes, general kitty-kind behavior along with pet care routines creates havoc and discord in the household.

I have found that a mixture of one ounce of V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex with 4 to 5 drops of Peace and Calming into a 2 oz bottle with an eyedropper dispenser makes a wonderful adjustment for the kitty with “cat-ittude”.  It clams them and helps them not care anymore why they “copped” the “cat-ittude” in the first place.  Everyone owned by cats knows exactly what I’m talking about…

The furry child that:

*refuses to use the scratching post, likes furniture or door jambs bettter
*decides the potty-box is no longer acceptable to use, finds another place like your living room carpet or in the well of a stove burner while you are sleeping
*does not forgive you for not taking him on vacation with you
*dumpster dives in the kitchen garbage can
*selectively forgets important house-kitty rules, thinks he is exempt
*exaggerates the awkwardness of receiving a bath
*cries for no apparent good reason and he can’t/won’t/doesn’t explain to you why he does this and just plain doesn’t know himself why he does it
*bullies the other kitty-kind members of the family
*stakes out a territory in the house and rules it with tyranny
*stays mad at you about having to go to the vet

One little drop (like a 1/2 drop) from the eyedropper dispenser on the foot pad of each paw and gently massaged in renders the unhappy creature into purring bliss.  I use this essential oil “Kitty Tranquilizer” blend as a last resort when play-time, kitty-massage time or just plain ole hold-the-kitty-a-while does not work to divert their attention and restore harmony.  I also use it about 10 minutes prior to bath time.  It is a miracle how they now get bathed with ease.  And they just love themselves the next day! It is an excellent remedy to keep kitty calm while traveling in a carrier in the car to visit the vet.

The pic to the right is of my youngest kitty, Kyan. He’s mastered the “kitty-kind” art of cat-knapping.  NOTHING interferes with his naps.  …and no, this is not after a dose of Peace and Calming…this is Kyan’s favorite past-time.  Well, maybe second favorite…he’s a big bully and loves to terrorize the other two.  My cats are beyond pampered!

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