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Emotions of Deployment Day

15th August 2010 | 0 Comments

by Beau Miakinkoff Many spouses and the members of the families of the men and women that serve this nation endure high emotional stresses in the weeks and days leading up to deployment day. My son is in the Navy and as a mom,  I am not immune to the stresses of the constant worry […]

Progessence Plus Serum – The Magic Bullet for Women?

25th July 2010 | 0 Comments

Notes taken by Debra Raybern, Young Living Platinum. (including testimonials) Note: These notes are unedited and some information may be different or repeated from previous posts, as these notes were taken by different people. [I (Beau Miakinkoff) have taken the time to correct typos, sentence structure and to clarify statements.  These notes were taken at […]