Feelings Raindrop Technique

FEELINGS RT $111.00 (inspired by ancient Egyptian cleansing rituals). This therapy is specifically geared towards creating a sense of renewal. I continue to use the ORIGINAL feelings essential oils (not the abreviated kit as pictured). This therapy uses essential oils blends: Valor, Harmony, 3 Wise Men, Forgiveness, Present Time, Release, Grounding, Hope, Joy, Sara and Inner Child. Each of these unique components work in synergistic harmony to create a reflective experience designed to increase emotional health.

Many of us go through life laden with emotional baggage. Dealing with normal and not-so-normal life experiences stress and anxiety and ultimately depression takes severe tolls on our physical body health, the mind’s ability to cope and our spiritual strength.

These negative feelings remain unacknowledged and before we know it, we’re bogged down by a pervasive sense of discontent. The more caught up we become in demanding schedules, the more we tend to push our emotional health to the background, and by not allowing ourselves time to reflect on past experiences, we neglect an important part of overall wellness.

The pervasiveness of emotional discontent is well documented in modern life. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that 26.6 percent of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This statistic equates to roughly 57.7 million individuals seeking medical attention for anxiety, depression and other mental illness. These startling figures leave many of us wondering what can be done to improve our own emotional well-being.

We can combat these negative effects by facilitating the release of negative emotions. When we allow ourselves to harness the benefits of reflection, we are taking an important step towards increased emotional health. In a time where more and more people are turning to psychotropic drugs for relief, I offer the “FEELINGS” RT therapy as a way to leave negative recollections behind and begin each day with renewed exuberance. Feelings RT has also been quite successful with helping the individual person cope with the emotional stresses of grief.

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